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Medical Educational Models  >  Basic Surgical Techniques Training Laboratory
JC-W0072 Simulator for Extracting Nail Training  
JC-W3001 Simulator for Prostate Check Training  
JC-H61001 Simulator for Sputum Suction Training and Care after Tracheotomy  
JC-H5003 Simulator for Fistular Ostomy Care Training  
JC-W00103 Module for Skin Lesion Management (Standard form)  
JC-W00082 Module for Local Skin Infiltration Anesthesia Training  
JC-W00071 Module for Circline Local Infiltration Anesthesia  
JC-W00081 Module for the Resection of Lipoma  
JC-W2012 Simulator for Intestinal Anastomosis 30mm  
JC-W2012 Simulator for Intestinal Anastomosis 20mm  
JC-W01059 Module for Trocar Training  
JC-W2004 Simulator for Incision and Suture of Lower Limb  
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