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·Hot sale: Medical Educational Models!
Yingkou Hiicon International Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and an international trading company. Over 20 years' business, we have exported more than 10 categories and nearly 100 commodities, we have also trained an experienced sales and purchasing team. We have long-term good relationship with dozens of both domestic and foreign manufacturers, distributors, buyers and suppliers. Our products
are covering many countries in Asia, Europe, Australia and America.Our main product categories include:·Automotive maintenance equipments (lift, balancer, tire changer)
Fasteners (washers, bolts, nuts)
·Refractories (bricks, raw materials )
·Medical teaching models (abdominal palpation, heart and lung auscultation, cadiopulmonary resuscitation, surgical training, nursing skill training, obstetric and gynecology training, and various teaching models)
·Metal stamping parts, gardening tools ... ...
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